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Hudson teen convicted in sexploitation case

One of three Hudson teenagers charged in a sexploitation case involving a young girl at an underage drinking party in the fall of 2011 has been convicted.

Daniel Edward Karlovich, 18, pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct Feb. 27 in a plea bargain. He was sentenced to probation for one year and ordered to pay $1,000 restitution plus court costs and supervision costs.

Karlovich is required to testify truthfully and refrain from alcohol and controlled substances while the case is ongoing. Judge Scott Needham also ordered him to write a letter of apology to and have no contact with the victim.

Karlovich had been originally charged with two felony counts relating to sexploitation and second degree sex assault of an intoxicated victim.

Brandon W. Brown, 18, Hudson, charged with two felony counts in connection with the same incident was scheduled for an oral ruling in court on a motion before Needham March 19.

Alexander Freedom Gove, 17, also charged with two felonies in the incident, is scheduled to appear before the judge March 28 for an oral ruling.

Court records alleged Brown, Karlovich and Gove were among those attending a party at a residence in the town of St Joseph Sept. 25, 2011, and were involved in taking cell phone photos of sexually explicit conduct with a 17-year-old girl. They were also accused of having sexual contact with her while she was intoxicated.

The victim told an investigator she attended the party at a home on County V with other juveniles where she drank vodka, smoked marijuana and became extremely intoxicated.

According to the criminal complaint she became naked and was fondled by a young male who had sex with her. A cell phone video recorded some of the incident.