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Metro trio caught with drugs, cash at Kwik Trip

Tyler J. Moore1 / 3
Thomas William Hatcher2 / 3
Emily Rose Harper-Hellie3 / 3

Two men and one woman face drug charges after being arrested at the Kwik Trip on Crest View Drive around noon on Sunday, July 6.

In custody earlier this week were Emily Rose Harper-Hellie, 21, of Minneapolis, Tyler J. Moore, 35, of Hopkins, Minn., and Thomas William Hatcher, 34, also of Hopkins.

According to Hudson Police Chief Marty Jensen, they received a call that men had been observed “doing a line” of what turned out to be methamphetamine in a restroom. When police arrived they found the three in or near their vehicle and in possession of drugs and large amounts of cash.

They were arrested and their vehicle, a black Ford Explorer, was impounded. After securing a search warrant, officers went on to find more methamphetamine, some LSD and drug paraphernalia. They also found several thousand dollars in cash including a package of rolled $1 bills used to snort the drug and small baggies to package it in.

The three are expected to appear in St. Croix County Criminal Court this week.