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Police Roundup


A trailer was reported stolen on Friday, June 2, taken sometime between the prior evening and 8 a.m. that morning from Tom Blair Associates at 1450 Heggen Street. The trailer was valued at $5490. A padlock had been cut with bolt cutters.

A report of a theft brought an officer to the Holiday Station on Second Street on June 4 for a man who had placed a snack down the front of his pants and left without paying. An officer made contact with the suspect inside the store after he had left and come back again to buy tobacco He said he had not taken anything, and emptied his pockets. He at first gave the officer an incorrect name, and then corrected it saying he was "trippin" and had accidently given his brother's name. The officer viewed the store's security system which showed the man taking an item off the shelf and putting it in his pants before exiting the store. The officer asked again if the man had taken anything and then given it to his friends outside. The man then stated he would pay for the item.

On Thursday, June 8, an officer was dispatched for a bicycle theft. They reporting party said her family had put her daughter's bike in the garage sometime in October 2016, and it was gone when they went to get it out in February. The bike was purchased new in June 2016 and valued at $450. The bike is a black 28-inch Trek with white and teal lettering.


Officers responded to the St. Croix Marina on First Street on Saturday, June 3 for a man who was walking around the area saying someone was after him. Officers found the man speaking quickly and seemingly hysterical. The man said he was drinking downtown with friends the night before and was staying a friend's home when one of his friends chased him with a knife. He had dirt on his clothes and small scratches from running through the woods. He could not describe where he came from, and then stated the knife was fake. An Oakdale officer made contact with the man's stepfather, who agreed to come pick him up. The man agreed to a breathalyzer test and had a result of .20.

A resident on Second Street found an unknown woman sleeping on his couch on Sunday, June 4 at 5:15 a.m. The resident told the woman to leave, and she did. Nothing had been taken from the apartment. When the responding officer found the woman, she said she did not remember how she got into the locked-entry apartment. She said she had been drinking a bit with friends the night before, and blew a .14. She told officers she could walk to a friend's house that was just up the road. The officers checked with their supervisor, who said it was OK as long she didn't cause trouble. The resident that found her said he was a little scared by the incident but did not want to press charges.

Suspicious activity brought an officer to Lakefront Park on June 5 at 5 p.m. for a group of young people who looked intoxicated and were walking toward an orange pick up. The officer made contact with the driver of the vehicle who said she had not been drinking and had a breathalyzer result of 0.00. A man in the area made a complaint of two people arguing in the park, with the woman looking intoxicated. The driver said her friend, who was drinking, was in the park with her boyfriend. The officer checked the area but was unable to locate the two individuals.


A child was locked in a vehicle on June 3 at 1:44 p.m. on Aspen Drive. The vehicle was locked in a garage and the owners could not gain entry. When an officer arrived, the temperature was 91 degrees. The officer used a sledgehammer to open the service door to the garage. The child was then removed from the vehicle uninjured.


Harassment was reported by a resident on Cliff Ridge Court on June 3 at 5 p.m. The woman said her ex-husband has been leaving vulgar voicemail messages and alluding to the fact that he has been driving by her house. The responding officer found the ex had a warrant in Polk County. The woman said she would call police if she saw him in the area.


An officer responded to Willow River Elementary School on Fourth Street on Monday, June 5 for a report of a fight that occurred on June 4. The school counselor told the officer the boy had stayed home from school because he was involved in a fight. The officer spoke to the boy, who said he was playing with boys his age when one shoved him, hit him several times and tripped him. The student had a scratch on his elbow, but no serious injures. The officer told the boy it would be a good idea to stay away from those kids.

A dispute over a missing bike was reported on Industrial Street on June 5 at 7 p.m. A resident reported that while she was gone her neighbor came over to ask her daughter about a bike that was stolen from the neighbor's residence the day before. The neighbor said the last time the bike went missing, it was found in their backyard. The resident said she did not want the neighbor at her house anymore. An officer spoke to the neighbor's husband and told him the neighbor was not welcome at the resident's home anymore. He told the husband that if they have information about the missing bike, they can contact the police to handle it.