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Hudson police: Suspicious people; dash damage, and more

Cell phone scolding

While driving through the County Market parking lot on Crest View Drive and talking on her phone on Friday, Aug. 25, a woman told police a man flipped her off. After parking, she said the man followed her into the store, telling her to get off her phone while driving. The two yelled at each other while in the store. The woman wanted the incident documented in case she encountered the man again.

Suspicious activities

• Two suspicious vehicles were reported on Aug 25. In the 1200 block of Hazelcrest Drive, a caller said a silver Dodge Avenger has been hanging around lately. He has twice tried to approach the vehicle, only for the driver to drive away. Another caller reported a suspicious vehicle that is back near Anderson Park on Mont Croix Drive. The caller said the car used to be in the area and was painted black then, now it appears to be spray painted red.

• Two suspicious men were reported at 5 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 26 on Second Street. A worker at Freedom Gas Station said she was setting up the station when she saw the two men near her vehicle. The driver's window of the vehicle is broken, so it was rolled all the way down. One of the men got into the vehicle while the other walked towards businesses across the parking lot to look into the windows. The worker walked outside and yelled at the men to leave her vehicle alone, causing them both to stumble away. No damage was reported and nothing was taken. An officer could not locate the subjects.

• On Aug. 26 at 10 a.m., a resident on Vine Street reported a yard sign had been removed from her yard and thrown into the woods. The sign was recovered and it was not damaged.

• A suspicious male was reported at Caribou Coffee on Carmichael Road. The manager reported he was smoking an e-cigarette, which is against store policy, and described him as "creepy." An officer spoke to the man, who was the source of earlier complaints regarding comments toward young female workers in the store. The manager also spoke with the man about his inappropriate behavior and said he was trespassing at the Caribou stores in Hudson. The man said he didn't understand what he did wrong but he will stay out of the stores.

Damaged dash

On Monday, Aug. 28 at 6 p.m., a woman reported her car was damaged while parked over the weekend in a parking lot on Second Street. The dashboard of her vehicle was destroyed, with the lower part removed. Wiring near the ignition was removed and other parts of the steering column were damaged. The woman said she thought her vehicle was locked. There was no sign of forced entry. Freedom gas station had footage of potential suspects, who were the source of a suspicious activity call made on Saturday, Aug. 26.