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Hudson police: Harassment on Namekagon Street

Harassment reported

On Friday, Nov. 17 an officer responded to a harassment complaint just before midnight on Namekagon Street. The woman said she receives daily text messages from a man and she believed he was outside her building as he sent her a message asking her to come outside. She said she did not go outside to look. An officer advised her to stay inside while he checked the area. The man was not located in the area. After clearing, the officer spoke with the woman who said she has the man's number blocked, but doing so only blocks phone calls and not text messages. The messages are daily, and she believes he also drives by her home frequently. She also said she believes the man slashed her tires in the past. An officer advised her on changing her number, which she said would cost money, or getting a restraining order. The woman said she wanted the man to stop contacting her, but didn't want to get anyone in trouble. The officer attempted to make phone contact with the man, but was unable to do so.

Threatens to hit

Officers responded to possible threats at 1:40 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 18 in the area of First and Walnut streets. The reporting party said an unknown man approached him and threatened him with physical violence. The man never hit him, and he left without further incidents. While speaking with the reporting party, an officer noted he appeared intoxicated, swaying and having difficulty standing. About 20 minutes later, a man approached an officer saying he was the one who had made the threats to the reporting party. He said the first man was continuously following him and would not leave him alone. He threatened to hit him if he did not leave him alone. The reporting party said he did not want any enforcement action taken against the man who made the threats.

Smilin' Moose struggle

An officer responded to a disturbance outside of Smilin' Moose Bar and Grill at 2:22 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 19. A bouncer told police a man had left the bar and was highly intoxicated. He left his wallet behind, so his wife went back in to look for it. The man was told to stay outside, but tried to force his way in and shoved one of the bouncers. A short struggle ensued where the man was restrained. The bar did not want action taken, just wanted the man to leave.

Stolen phone

A parent reported on Monday, Nov. 20 that her student's phone was stolen from his locker at Hudson Middle School. The phone was valued at $300. The student's locker does not lock as it is broken. By using a phone locator website, the last known location of the phone was on Industrial Street. The parent went to the address and spoke with a man there who said his child was in high school and not middle school, and he did not know about any stolen phone. The phone was turned off at the time of the report. An officer went to the reported address and could not contact the resident.