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Minnesota man faces trial in Hudson shootout

A man who got into a shootout with local police and sheriff's deputies two summers ago will go to trial in St. Croix County on multiple felony charges.

Daine Joseph Adam Linderman, 25, Circle Pines, Minn., appeared before Judge Eric J. Lundell in a preliminary hearing Friday morning and was bound over for trial. An arraignment hearing was set for today (June 4), when he will plea to felony charges including six counts of attempted homicide and six counts of reckless endangerment.

Linderman was sentenced to 16 years in prison for burglary, assault and attempted kidnapping in Washington County, Minn., in connection with the incident. He also was sentenced to 23 years in prison by a federal court for carjacking and possession of firearms as a felon.

On Aug. 24, 2007, Hudson police attempted to serve a warrant on Linderman at a Ward Avenue apartment, police reports said. He traded bullets with law officers, then led a chase across the I-94 bridge into Minnesota, when he crashed near the Bungalow Inn and ran off.

Lindeman broke into the home of a Lakeland, Minn., attorney and attempted to steal a car.

Keith Radtke, 37, the homeowner, testified about a struggle he had with Linderman. Radtke said Linderman came in through the front door brandishing an attack rifle.

Radtke said at a moment when Linderman wasn't pointing the gun at either him or his wife, "I jumped him and knocked the rifle down." The struggle took place in the garage. His wife ran into the house and dialed 911.

Radtke continued to wrestle with Linderman, who pulled a hand gun out of his belt and shot the lawyer in the side. "I smashed his hand against a railing and he dropped the gun," said Radtke, who proceeded to place Linderman in a "Full Nelson" hold on a stairway and contained him until police arrived.