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2009: Armed stand-off ends with police shooting of suspect in Hudson

Four teenagers escaped from the house at 1321 St. Croix Heights before the homeowner, Daniel C. Christenson, went on a shooting spree there late Saturday afternoon.

A six-plus hour stand-off between an armed Hudson man and law enforcement authorities ended badly early Sunday morning when the Daniel Christenson, 43, was shot by deputies as he tried to escape the house.

Hudson police reported an "active shooter" late Saturday afternoon said to involve at least four young people who were inside the home where the man was shooting.

Hudson Police and St. Croix County authorities were advised of the incident at 1321 St. Croix Heights sometime after 5 p.m. Traffic in the area was detoured as officers and EMS units staged in the area. While sheriff's dispatchers communicated with a youth in the home, officers outside reported hearing as many as nine gunshots.

Radio transmissions indicated law enforcement was familiar with the family to the point that they knew the layout of the home.

Four young people, including the shooter's son, managed to escape from the home through a basement window in the midst of the event.

The young people ran from the home with an officer repeatedly shouting "four friendlies coming out." One of the juveniles was bitten by a police dog in the process. He/she was treated at the scene by a State Patrol officer until EMS arrived. The youth was then transported to Hudson Hospital.

At 6:30 p.m., all radio transmissions were shifted to a secure channel when St. Croix County's emergency response team took over. Later reports indicated Christenson was shot by deputies after he came out of the house and began shooting at officers. Police fired, striking him in the chest. He was transported to Regions Hospital in St. Paul where he is listed in critical condition.