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Thief pilfers cell phones, iPods and money from student backpacks

Someone rummaged through backpacks in the girls' locker room at Hudson High School while the track team was training Wednesday afternoon and stole cell phones, iPods and money.

A student and member of the track team, Hannah Bennett, reported the thefts on the Star-Observer's Facebook page Wednesday night.

She said almost every athlete's backpack was opened and numerous items were stolen.

"I personally had my iPod Touch stolen and am very upset about it. This is the second time that this has happened in the girls' locker room and I find it appalling that such a thing should go on in Hudson schools," Bennett wrote.

Josh Halvorson, the dean of students at Hudson High, confirmed the thefts in a phone call Thursday morning.

He said police-school liaison officer Pete Schultz collects theft reports at the school and that he and school officials are investigating the locker room thefts.

"It is definitely something we look into - every theft," Halvorson said.

He said students are encouraged to put their valuables in locked lockers while they are away.

Police Chief Marty Jensen said thefts at the high school are a common occurrence - especially in the locker rooms where there are no surveillance cameras.

Students leave expensive electronic devices unattended in their backpacks, and thieves take them, he said.

Jensen encourages students to leave valuables at home, in their locked cars or in secured lockers when they are at school.