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Our View: Congratulations to the Hudson High class of 2012

Saturday night is the beginning of life's biggest adventure -- adulthood!

The Hudson High School class of 2012 graduates Saturday night in ceremonies at Newton Field (HHS east gym in case of rain), and we wish each student the best in the years ahead.

Graduation is always a proud moment for everyone involved. It's great for the graduates, but maybe even more so for moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, relatives, friends and teachers. It is all of these people who have brought the 2012 graduates to Saturday night's ceremony. People close to the graduates have offered love, hard work and support; they have all assisted the graduates in getting through 13 years of education.

Graduation is often portrayed as the end of something. Students see it as the end of living under someone else's rules. It may be the end of high school, but in the bigger picture, graduation is just the beginning. Saturday night is the beginning of life's biggest adventure -- adulthood! And graduates will soon find out that there are plenty of new rules and regulations!

Graduating seniors will find a variety of new activities in the months and years ahead. Some will go to college, technical school, the military or enter the work force. Hudsonites can rest assured that the new graduates will be leaving Hudson High School with a solid educational foundation. Local schools have given our youths the tools to move to the next level.

For graduating seniors, Saturday night's ceremony is a bit like finishing a marathon. To this point, students have devoted most of their life to earning the education that puts them on the stage. It is certainly a time for celebration, and students should be proud about reaching the end of a 13-year journey. We hope graduates take time to note that their persistence, hard work and dedication have paid off. The lesson can be put to use in the next race -- life's marathon.

The community offers its congratulations to the class of 2012. We hope all graduates make good decisions about their future. Every individual has unique skills, talents and abilities. All graduates, however, have something in common -- that is, a search of happiness and contentment. We hope all graduates find and achieve not only financial and worldly dreams, but also a certain peace of mind. When all the dust settles, that is what everyone wants most in life.

Congratulations to the class of 2012.