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More Wisconsin high school students taking AP exams; doing well

Growing numbers of Wisconsin high school students are taking Advanced Placement exams, and doing well.

The College Board said 24 percent of last year's public school graduates in the Badger State took the rigorous AP exams.

That's up from 17 percent six years ago.

About 16.5 percent of those who took the tests scored 3 or higher on a scale of 5. That's up from 12 percent in 2002.

An achievement gap remains between white and black students.

The College Board said only 1 percent of Wisconsin's highest-achieving students are African-Americans. That's up from just 0.6 percent six years ago.

AP classes involve college-level work in a variety of subjects like economics and computer science.

Jean Robinson, a chief reader of AP exams, says students who don't succeed in those tests are still better off than those who never take an advance course at all.