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Doctor offers after-school human-development classes

A Beloit doctor has a solution for the school district's lack of human growth and development classes: She'll provide information to students herself.

Several years ago the school board eliminated its human growth and development curriculum. Dr. Kerilynn Loftus says she'll give a short presentation then take questions the students anonymously write on cards.

Loftus says in speaking with education officials it became clear for "political reasons" she would not be allowed to lecture during a class, so she's hosting after-school sessions in the Beloit Memorial High School cafeteria. Loftus is also speaking at area middle schools.

As a gynecologist, she is concerned with the amount of young people with sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy who do not understand how they became infected. Meanwhile a school board committee is considering reinstating the curriculum.

A school district spokeswoman says officials are pleased the information is being presented in a format allowing parent participation.