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Janesville district adopts teacher dress code

Those real comfortable jeans will be a thing of the past next year for public school teachers in Janesville.

The school board has voted 5-to-2 to adopt a new dress code for instructors, beginning next July.

Under the new rules, teachers can no longer wear shorts, jeans, jogging suits, or flip-flops to class. Provocative and ragged clothes are also out - as well as anything in which undergarments can be seen. The new policy calls for business-casual clothing such as collared shirts, sweaters, and casual slacks. Women can wear dresses, skirts, blouses, and dress sandals.

There are exceptions on casual Fridays, school-spirit days, and hot weather. Maintenance workers and physical education teachers are among those exempt. This kind of thing used to be negotiated between unions and school boards, but that ended with last year's limits on collective bargaining.

A judge threw the limits out in September for schools and local governments. But most Wisconsin schools and their unions are waiting to see what an appeals court does, after the state asked that the law be restored.