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Survey says: Tech college teachers made more than UW counterparts

Teachers at Wisconsin's technical colleges were paid more last year than UW professors, according to a review of public-employee salaries by Gannett Wisconsin Media, which has 10 daily newspapers around the state.

Full-time instructors at the 16 tech schools averaged $90,000 last year, which includes "overages" from additional teaching assignments. University professors, meanwhile, averaged $86,000 last year, with fewer overages.

Deb Seline, an instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay, made over $200,000 last year, including $121,000 in overages. She said she worked 15 hours a day, seven days a week - and most of it was grading papers.

Seline said she did it because she had concerns about the economy, and it was an offer she took advantage of.

Terry Fleischman of Fox Valley Tech doubled his $88,000annual salary. Officials said he took extra teaching assignments, ran a major development project, and covered for an instructor on medical leave.

According to Gannett, some observers believe that overages save money for schools because they don't have to hire extra people. But others say the compensation can get out of line - and it limits diversity among staff members.