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Lois Cahoy brought joy to her classroom everyday

Lois Cahoy brings joy to River Crest Elementary School every day. She is retiring this year after teaching kindergarten for 16 years in Hudson.

Who doesn't remember their kindergarten teacher? Most of us probably do. Retiring kindergarten teacher Lois Cahoy doesn't because she never went to kindergarten.

"As much as I love to teach kindergarten, I myself never was able to attend. I grew up in a rural area outside of Sheboygan. Kindergarten was not offered. When I attended first grade, it was in a one room country schoolhouse with all eight grades in one classroom with one teacher. It wasn't until I reached seventh grade that I only had a class where everyone was in the same grade," said Cahoy.

She went on to graduate from UW-Stevens Point where she met her husband David Cahoy, a Hudson native. After getting married, she taught second grade for three years in Clayton before staying home to raise their three children: John, Ann and Amy.

They all attended E.P. Rock Elementary School and graduated from Hudson High School.

"All of them had great experiences in the district," said Cahoy, who is definitely a cheerleader for the quality education available in the Hudson School District. She now has four grandchildren, two of them attending E.P. Rock

After 21 years she returned to teaching all-day kindergarten, first at E.P. Rock and then at River Crest Elementary for the last five years.

"The students come every day with a big smile on their faces ready for whatever the day brings," said Cahoy. "My biggest joy is when they first start to read. I love it and the pride they get from it."

To see the progress of all the students gives Cahoy a thrill.

"These children are our future, our investment in the world. I know that each of my students has parents that love them and want them to be successful both academically and socially," said Cahoy. "Every year, to every student, I write that they have 'touched my heart forever.' I love to see them as they grow through the years -- to watch them grow into confident young adults. It is great living in Hudson and being a part of the community.

"As I retire, the most important message that I would like to leave is that our schools are the heart of our community. We need to continue supporting our youth, which supports all generations through the years. These things do not 'just happen.' If there is one thing that I have learned over the past 16 years, it is that many people have worked together."

Cahoy offered parents a bit of advice and encouragement.

"They are doing a great job. It is a different time to raise kids.

"As I am getting ready to retire, I can't help but smile when I think of all of the wonderful kindergartners that have spent a year in my classroom," said Cahoy. "I was blessed beyond words. I loved my job." In retirement, Cahoy plans to stay involved with the school district by substitute teaching.

"I love to be outside, with my garden and flowers and I plan to look for ways to get involved with the community more."