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Hudson educators awarded Star Grants totaling $16,570

Among those earning grants from the Education Foundation of Hudson last week were, front from left, Angela Goebel, Patti Steely, Kari Halstead, Sarah Engstrom, Jodi Youngman and Patty Mueller; back, Middle School Principal Dan Koch, Eric Wickstrom, Ed Schiltgen, Veronica Ellingson, Mandy Cummings, JoAnn Augustin and Houlton Elementary Principal Ann Mitchell. (Hudson Star-Observer photo by Doug Stohlberg)

The Education Foundation of Hudson last week awarded Star Grants for innovative classroom projects and curriculum training.

The foundation awarded grants totaling $16,570 for six projects involving several educators touching many schools in the Hudson district.

Foundation President Marion Schultz presented the awards Thursday, Dec. 5, during ceremonies at the Hudson Middle School. She told recipients that the foundation and community are proud of the educators' efforts to bring innovative ideas to the classroom.

The foundation is funded by private donations, mostly coming from local and area businesses, individuals and foundations.

Star Grants offer financial support for innovative classroom projects and furthering the education of teachers -- projects that would not typically be funded in the normal budgeting process. The foundation awards Star Grants twice each year. Deadlines are Nov. 1 and April 1.

The foundation also selects winners of the Star Excellence Award, which is presented to educators each spring. Those individuals are nominated by the public and nominations are also due April 1 of each year.

The foundation, founded in 1990, is a private organization established to strengthen community participation in local schools and inspire both teachers and students.

With last week's awards, the foundation has funded nearly $1,157,000 in projects and awards since its inception.


--Building Disciplinary Literacy through Scientific Inquiry, submitted by high school science teachers Patty Mueller and Veronica Ellingson. The purpose of the proposal is to engage students in scientific inquiry using the most recent technology in science education from Vernier Software and Technology. The foundation awarded $3,701.

--Growing our Gardens and Greenhouse, submitted by a group of teachers from Houlton Elementary. The purpose of the proposal is to assist in the replacement of a greenhouse at the school. The total cost of the project is $28,700; the foundation pledged $3,000 toward the project. Teachers involved in the grant are Natalie Thorson, Lisa Persinger, Tara Zinck, Traci Wolfe, Patrick Sahli, Amy Konkol, Mary Wicker, Dan Rock, Lisa Wasson, Tim Olson, JoAnn Augustin and Heather Bol.

--iPads in the Art Room, submitted by Houlton Elementary and Willow River Elementary art teacher Jodi Youngman. The proposal involves the purchase of six iPads and programs for use in art classes. The foundation awarded $3,000.

--Microenterprise for students with Disabilities, submitted by Hudson High School teacher Ed Schiltgen. The grant involves materials for students with cognitive disabilities to make a product and set up a school business. The foundation awarded $509.

--One Book, One School – Bystander Anti-Bullying Initiative, submitted by a group of teachers at the Hudson Middle School. The grant will to purchase books in the school’s anti-bullying initiative. The foundation awarded $3,360. Teachers involved in the grant are Kari Halstead, Mandy Cummings, Angela Goebel, Jill Euberg, Sarah Engstrom and Michelle Miller.

--Rocking Our Way into Learning, submitted by a group of teachers at the Hudson Middle School. The grant goes to purchase stools and pads for classroom use. The foundation awarded $3,000. Teachers involved in the grant are Eric Wickstrom, Brooke Wert, Lydia Hanson, Chris Glover and Patti Steely.

In addition to Schultz, current foundation board members are Jodell Krause, Vickie Harris, Dr. Ron Bernth, Bob Benoy and Doug Stohlberg. Steven Keller is the organization's volunteer executive director.

Doug Stohlberg

Doug Stohlberg has been part of the Hudson Star-Observer since 1973 and has been editor since 1987. He worked at the New Richmond News from 1971 to 1973. He holds a bachelors degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota.

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