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No school today because of teacher in-service; buildings cooler due to Canadian gas explosion

There is no school in the Hudson district on Monday, Jan. 27, not because of the brutally cold weather and high winds, but because of a regularly scheduled in-service day for teachers. The staff was to report to work as scheduled.

School Age Care is open as scheduled at Willow River and E.P. Rock Elementary schools.

There will be no after school or evening activities scheduled due to the predicted dangerous cold temperatures.

The teachers and staff who reported for work on Monday found things a little chilly in at least three of the district’s buildings.

Last Sunday afternoon, school staff received a phone message from the district saying: "All staff need to report as usual on Monday, Jan. 27. Due to the natural gas explosion in Canada, and with the resulting fuel shortages, most of the Hudson School District buildings have been switched to fuel oil to help conserve natural gas. Rivercrest, North Hudson, and the Administrative Service Center are not able to switch and the temperatures in these buildings will be reduced to 65°. Staff in these three buildings should dress accordingly. Please take precautions when traveling to and from work, there will be no after school or evening activities."

Students are due to return to school on Tuesday, but with dangerous temperatures being forecast into Tuesday, parents should monitor the district’s website and phone messages. The district has already cancelled school three times this season due to weather. However, the school district says there are no student make-up days planned to date because of the 2013-14 closings.

The temperature was -15 degrees F at 7 a.m. Monday, and predicted to reach a high of -8. Winds are out of the west at 10 to 15 mph, with wind chill values as low as -42. The low Monday night/Tuesday morning is expected to be -22.

Tuesday's high is predicted to be -1.