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Hudson Destination Imagination teams make strong showing at regional contest

Procrastination is a good thing when it comes to this Hudson Middle School DI team. Pictured front is Kye Bartlett, back from left, Josh Johnson, Ben Mcnamara, Colin Greene and Marta Jasperson. They were managed by Rick Jasperson. (Submitted photo)1 / 10
This fifth-grade team from Hudson Prairie proved they were up to an extreme challenge by demonstrating how to survive anywhere in the universe. The team included, from left, Ethan Ion, Mason Jasperson and Brevan Grigus. Team members not pictured are Van Keech and Jack Lewis. The team was managed by Mike and Deanna Grigus. (Submitted photo)2 / 10
The Dill Pickles are third-graders at Rock Elementary School and took third place in the Extremes Scientific challenge. This was their first time competing at the recent regional DI competition. The team includes, from left, Lynne Inouye, Kasey Baumer, Isabel Isaac, Garrett Hacking, Tori Kunstman and Achamo Peterson. They were managed by Leilani Hacking and Courtney Peterson. (Submitted photo)3 / 10
DI team “Slam! Bam! It's Art!” finished third in their challenge. Team members included, from left, Abbie Knoke, Maya Tutor and Kacia Johnson. Team members not pictured are Thea Bentley and Michelangelo Sime. They were managed by Evy Johnson. (Submitted photo)4 / 10
This HMS sixth-grade team calls themselves the Magical Elements and they dazzled in the recent DI competition taking third place in their challenge. Pictured are, from left, Riley Schofield, Harrison Mattern, Reegan Johnson, Eva Hester, Chloe Kazak, Rachel Ball and Jennifer Holter. Their managers are Sally Holter and Michelle Ball. (Submitted photo)5 / 10
Representing Hudson High School, the Random Sharpies took on the improvisational challenge and placed fourth. The team includes, from left, Lauren Masini, Grace Nelson, Kate Lowery and Kelly Holm. They were managed by Aaron Nelson. (Submitted photo)6 / 10
This is a two-person team of Sam Smith and Emma Close. They are eighth-graders, and have been doing D.I. since they were in elementary school. They are managed by Steve Close, and they received a special "Spirit of D.I. Award" for outstanding effort as a team of only two people.7 / 10
Failure isn’t a dirty word for this Willow River Elementary fourth-grade team. It’s even in their name "Hooray for Failure!" DIers say they that's when they learn the most. Pictured are, from left, Jenna McCorkel, Ethan Wescott, Jacob Ellingson, Esme Mergendahl, Ella Schienle and Liam Thoreson. They are managed by Paulette Mergendahl. (Submitted photo)8 / 10
Their team name was Chaos and Two Girls and it was all about their challenge about living in an extreme environment –- a sewer. The Willow River fifth-graders were, from left, Eva Erickson, Natalie Deason, Eli Scofield, Albert Bosler, Sam Johnson, Howie Salter and Sam Fox. The team was managed by Megan Laney and Kristen Johnson. (Submitted photo) 9 / 10
This team is made up of students from Hudson Prairie, River Crest and Houlton elementaries and they did all three schools proud. They were managed by Nora Jankowski and Danielle Petricka. The team included, from left, Stella Miner, Samantha Tougas, Jordan Jankowski, Isabel Petricka and Luis Lyon. (Submitted photo)10 / 10

It might be the only way to tell it is spring this year, but that’s what the start of the Destination Imagination competition season means.

There were 26 teams from Hudson that competed, and 13 of them will be going on to the state competition. These teams had great results, but will not advance. They did, however, do Hudson proud.

Meg Heaton

Meg Heaton has been a reporter with the Hudson Star Observer since 1990. She has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and Native American Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

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