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R3 program expands, Earth Week celebrations planned

People in Hudson School District R3 Team photo are, from left, Laura Kiesler, Gwen Conklin, Caroline Wolf, Jean Clausen and Larry Clausen and Ann Mitchell. (Submitted photo)

The recycling effort continues with the semi-trailer parked at the Hudson Middle School parking lot.

It is just one of many continuing activities of the school district’s R3 (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) team.

“We want people to be aware this has been a tremendous success,” said Ann Mitchell, Houlton Elementary School principal and R3 committee member. “The trailer used to fill every two to three weeks. Now we fill one almost weekly. We have one request, when you drop paper off please take it to the front of the trailer, instead of leaving near the door.”

The more paper in the trailer the more funds come back to the district, it is based on weight.

Beginning April 21 the R3 committee is offering the following activities to inspire students and staff to think green.

--All Week R3 Trivia contest: Watch your email each day and the first staff member to email (Gwen Conklin, Hudson Middle School) the correct response will receive a prize.

--Spread the news: Each building might use the trivia questions with students and families – Green Tips, Class or house competitions, website links, e-communication with families, check out the Radical Recyclers blog for more ideas.

--Nominate an Earth Steward: (that’s a link to the Google form) students, staff, community members, businesses, etc. who demonstrate by their actions they are caretakers of the earth.

--Monday, April 21 - Yellow Out: Wear Yellow and conserve energy. Use less lights, turn off the Smartboard when not in use, etc.

--Tuesday, April 22 – Earth Day; Green out: Wear green. Do an activity outside, pick up trash, plant a tree, plant cold resistant flowers, visit the prairie, school forest or school garden.

--Wednesday, April 23 - Black Out plastics: Wear black. Try not to use anything plastic for one day.

--Thursday, April 24 –Blue Out: Wear blue. Conserve water. (But keep drinking water for your healthy body!)

--Friday, April 25 - White Out: Wear white. Go paperless today. Take your used paper to the paper collection trailer in Hudson Prairie’s parking lot; use boxes or paper bags (not plastic) and push it way to the front. Learn a new way to use your computer (from a student) and save paper by using Sticky Notes, Google Docs, Outlook Task list, etc.

Earth Week celebrations continue in our community:

--Check out our Hudson Elementary Schools’ artwork displayed in area businesses.

--We’re partnering with Sustain Hudson with the theme Birds Without Borders!

--Festival at Phipps May 2 and 3 Poetry Contest (Grades 2-5): Sponsored by "Tropical Wings"

Poetry contest

Community members from age 8-108 have been invited to participate in a poetry contest as part of a bird festival being sponsored by a group called "Tropical Wings."

The group's mission is to promote awareness of the needs of neotropical birds and provide support for the National Park sister park relationship with Costa Rica.

The festival is scheduled for May 2 and 3. On May 2, a speaker will give a talk on birds at The Phipps Center. The winners of the poetry contest will be invited to read their poems as part of this event.

National Park Service Ranger Dale Cox and environmental author/poet Laurie Allman will select the winning poetry. All poems for this event should have themes related to migratory birds and their remarkable seasonal journeys, the connections between birds and people, the role of birds in our community of life or the nature of flight.

All forms of peotry are welcome. Each person may submit up to three poems. The poems are due April 25. Either email poems to or mail to Phipps Center for the Arts, 109 Locust Street, Hudson, WI 54016.