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School board eliminates St. Croix Meadows as potential school site

The Hudson Board of Education voted Tuesday night, July 8, to eliminate the vacant St. Croix Meadows dog track as a potential site for a new high school.

The school board presented a new plan for mixed of the 130-acre property in a joint meeting with the Hudson City Council on June 9. But the council subsequently voted 4-2 against holding a follow-up meeting with the school board about the plan.

The council would have to rezone the property from commercial to public use for proposal to move forward.

School board treasurer Lynn Robson recused herself from the vote Tuesday night after board member Sandy Gehrke said Robson had a conflict of interest because she owns property south of Interstate 94.

Board president Jamie Johnson asked any other board member owned property in the area. Gehrke said she did, but she did not recuse herself from the vote.

The board also discussed whether the area is big enough for what they want to achieve, and how much the traffic south of Carmichael Road would increase due to the high school and sporting activities.

Board member Bruce Hanson characterized the decision to eliminate the dog track site as a positive development.

"When we first talked about the dog track we did it so we could move forward," Hanson said. "We got to a point where we understand the city's position and it gives us clarity and allows us to move forward."

"Everyone has their opportunity to (give) an opinion, and this isn't an us versus them. It's a we, and we need to come up with a great solution together. I think it's great we got to the point where we are now, and I'm elated to get here," Hanson said.