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Earth Day will be every day at River Crest Elementary

Third-grader in Linda Wagner's class at Willow River Elementary School. Korum wrote the article for the magazine Time For Kids. She is the daughter of Susie and Dan Korum.

Earth Day is April 22. Most schools already celebrate Earth Day by reminding kids to recycle, to not litter, plant trees, and take care of the Earth. River Crest Elementary, the new school being built in Hudson, will make every day Earth Day.

I'm Eleanor Korum, and I go to Willow River Elementary School. Although I'm not going to be going to River Crest next year, my principal Mrs. Hodges and some of my friends are.

I sat down with Mrs. Hodges, my principal, and interviewed her. Mrs. Hodges told me that River Crest will be a "green school," which means it is made with consideration of what's best for the environment. According to, a green school has four pillars. One, it strives to be toxic-free (no pesticides, lead, or mold). Two, it uses resources sustainability (reduce, reuse, recycle). Three, it creates a green, healthy space with green schoolyards and gardens. Last, but not least, it involves children in environmental education.

Mrs. Hodges is excited to be a part of the creation of a new school that helps the Earth. She said that about 500 students will be going to River Crest in the fall. There will be a walking path for citizens to use. It will also have an educational partnership with the YMCA camp right across the road.

Even though Mrs. Hodges is excited, she will "miss all of her friends at Willow River which includes kids, staff, parents and friends of Willow River." She hopes that "Willow River will continue to be the very special school that it is."

As for me, I'm going to miss my friends, but I'm excited for them, too. I hope they will help make River Crest as good of a school as all the other schools in Hudson. Don't forget, Earth Day on April 22. You can make Earth Day every day too! Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Go out and plant something!