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Students learn while volunteering

Over 30 Hudson High School students appeared in downtown Hudson Monday morning to participate in an ecology service learning project, the brainchild of Erin Meier-Williamson, a biology and chemistry teacher at the school.

The project coincided with the 40-year anniversary of the National Scenic Riverway Act, which became law in October 1968.

Meier-Williamson, HHS Principal Ed Lucas and staff from the city Public Works department cleared the way for students to clean and stencil the storm sewer drains -- between Walnut and St. Croix streets to the north and First to 12th streets to the east -- advising people that the drains lead directly to the St. Croix River.

Along with stenciling each storm drain, students passed out flyers explaining why they were doing the project and encouraging people to throw their trash in the garbage and not down the drain.

The day included three volunteer projects, stenciling the drains, picking up trash along the riverfront and, after lunch, removing invasive species such as buckthorn from the school forest.

The city Public Works department provided the students and their faculty helpers with safety vests. Adults overseeing the project were Mark Hodges, Don Krupa, Cal Stenso-Velo and Meier-Williamson.