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School Board members get a raise: First time in 20 years

The Hudson Board of Education will be getting a raise this year, their first in more than 20 years.

By a vote of 15 to 4 by citizens attending last week's annual meeting, board members will now receive a set $100 per month plus an additional $50 per duly posted meeting. Members must be present at a meeting to receive payment. Formerly School Board members received a flat $100 per month or $1,200 per year regardless of the number of additional meetings they attended.

A change in compensation for the School Board can only be made at the annual meeting. The motion was made by former school board member Dick Muenich.

According to Muenich, surrounding communities with smaller school districts all received more than Hudson board members:

  • Somerset, $1,500 annually plus $25 per meeting.
  • New Richmond, $3,000 annually.
  • Osceola, $3,000 annually.
  • River Falls, $2,000 annually.

    "Board members provide a valuable community service and while this does not compensate for the extensive amount of time they put in, it is time we raised the amount they receive," said Muenich.

    He pointed to the example of a board member who was a single mother and had to hire a baby-sitter to attend meetings. "She actually lost money when she attended meetings. If we want good people to continue to serve on the board, we need to address this," said Muenich.

    While he agreed that the board deserved a raise, Steve Hermsen of Hudson tried to amend Muenich's proposal and suggested the per-meeting amount should be $25 instead of $50. The amendment failed for lack of a second.

    The new compensation will go into effect immediately. With committee meetings, board members average between two to three meetings a month in additional to the regular board meeting.

  • Meg Heaton

    Meg Heaton has been a reporter with the Hudson Star Observer since 1990. She has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and Native American Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

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