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School Lunch Menus for Oct. 13-17

Elementary schools

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are offered as a third meal choice each day. Also served daily are fresh fruit, a vegetable tray and milk choices. A snack is now served with the elementary milk break and is listed after the lunch choices.

  • Monday: Grilled cheese or chicken patty/bun, chicken noodle soup, peach sauce. Snack: raisins.
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti bowl or yogurt and muffin, garlic bread, applesauce. Snack: carrot and celery sticks, dip.
  • Wednesday: French toast or hamburger/bun, hash brown, strawberries. Snack, apple.
  • Thursday: Hot dog/bun or taco salad, baked beans, pineapple sauce. Snack: cucumbers/dip.
  • Friday: Pepperoni pizza wedge or chicken ranch wrap, glazed carrots, pears, ice cream sandwich.

    Secondary schools

    The middle and high schools serve a main lunch choice every day that includes a fruit and vegetable bar and milk. Also offered daily as alternate entrée choices are pizza, hot and cold sandwiches or a salad lunch. In addition, a la carte items are for sale. Featured below are the main lunch choices.

    dle school

  • Monday: Sweet and sour chicken bowl.
  • Tuesday: Italian dunkers.
  • Wednesday: Mini corn dogs.
  • Thursday: Turkey wrap.
  • Friday: Italian spaghetti.

    h school

  • Monday: Lasagna.
  • Tuesday: Frito pie.
  • Wednesday: Sub sandwich.
  • Thursday: Fajita wrap.
  • Friday: Shrimp poppers.

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