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Hudson School District: Administrative News and Views

The 2008-09 school year is in full swing, and students and staff have settled into a new year of learning. The district's new long-range strategic plan, HSD 2025, has established an expectation of continued student academic improvement. One measure of academic improvement is standardized tests. Students, staff and the community can be proud of our students' performance on these tests.


Hudson High School students continue to score high on ACT exams, scoring an average composite of 23.7 compared to the state average of 22.3. Our 2007 high school juniors and seniors ranked 23 out of 433 Wisconsin high schools on the ACT exams. This same group of students scored higher than neighboring Stillwater and Woodbury High School students. The ACT score is a measure of readiness for college coursework and is often required as part of a student's college enrollment application.

Advanced Placement exams

Another measure of our students' academic success is both the number of students participating in Advanced Placement courses at the high school and ultimately their success on national AP exams. Students enrolled in rigorous AP courses are eligible to take a year-end exam that qualifies the student for college credit if the student scores a 3, 4 or 5 (out of 5) on the exam. Last year, 243 students were enrolled in AP courses and 209 students took 321 AP exams.

By participating in AP courses and passing AP exams, students:

  • Gain a greater depth of knowledge and skill that can be applied to post-secondary courses;
  • Get the opportunity to stand out on college applications; and
  • Lessen the number of college courses they will need to take, thereby potentially reducing college expenses.

    Hudson High School currently offers nine AP courses.

    SMART goals

    Standardized tests do not tell the whole story. Ongoing individualized student assessments are critical for determining student academic growth and indentifying students who are in need of additional learning support.

    Last year each school developed SMART goals (Specific & Strategic, Measureable, Attainable, Results-oriented, and Time-bound) to establish a baseline of achievement and provide evidence of student improvement.

    Last year's SMART goal results were evidence that more students achieved at higher levels. SMART goals for this year were presented by the principals at the Oct. 14 board meeting -- go to the district's Web site at to see the new goals.

    HSD 2025

    The HSD 2025 vision not only expects high achievement, but also expands student learning. New graduate learner outcomes have been established that will be implemented over time as resources are available. Beginning this fall, the district's Learning Services, in cooperation with administration and staff, will explore actions to implement two goals: global literacy and environmental sustainability.

    This is an exciting time for the district as we research ways to expand student learning in world languages, global understanding, environmental science, traditional and alternative energy sources, and economic implications of energy choices.

    The Hudson School District will be a leader in providing our students with knowledge and skills that will be sought after upon graduation. This leadership in education is the base from which our students can go into the world prepared for post-secondary success and work ready.

    Movin' on up in the Hudson schools!

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