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Margaret's Musings: The world is upside down...

Memorial Day has always been a special and generally solemn occasion in my family. This year was no different as I attended two memorial services at two different cemeteries near my hometown of Walworth. At each a list of the war dead from our tiny community was read from World War l through Vietnam. Thankfully we have not had to read a local casualty from either Iraq or Afghanistan. As the day went by I began to ponder the present state of our nation.

When did it happen?

When did our college students begin to graduate with the belief that profits were evil? When did companies start to feel the need to apologize for making manufacturing more efficient with the use of robots? When did the U.S. Constitution become a negative document? When did the media begin to fail one of its primary charges, as a watch dog over all three branches of the government?

When did the president of the United States decide one of his friends was a communist dictator, detouring Air Force One to pay him a visit? When did the government take control of the three major industries? When did the government write over 160,000 pages of regulations to control us? When did enemies become friends and friends become enemies? When did law-abiding businesses and their owners warrant searches by gun-toting federal bureaucrats?

When did capitalism and the free market become synonymous with evil? When did economic success become something to belittle? When did communism again become the fad? When did a communist party member become an inside member of the White House staff? When have we had a president endorsed by the Communist Party USA? When did the majority of the member states of the United Nations condemn the United States, Britain and Israel in an all-out assault on the democracies of the west?

Are you young enough to remember the true meaning of these phrases: redistribution of wealth, central planning, indoctrination, collectivism and infiltration?

Socialism and communism have failed in every country, at the expense of millions of lives and yet with each act of over-reaching power, taken by our president with the help of his nearly 38 czars, we are losing more and more individual freedoms in our own country. The stage for this was set in decades of abuse, over spending and yes crony capitalism, practiced by lawmakers, lobbyists and even the likes of Warren Buffett.

This year the federal government took over reporting on the jobs numbers. Up until this year the state by state numbers were compiled by each state. This year for the first time, that task was taken over by the federal government. Both Wisconsin and Minnesota disputed the federal numbers when they were released earlier this month. One has to wonder why.

Since our country's birth in 1776, men and women of all races and nationalities have fought and died for our freedom and the freedom of many other countries around the world and yet revisionists would have us believe all this death was because we are an imperialist power.

We must remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and their numbers include: American Civil War, 625,000, dead; World War II, 405,399, dead; World War I, 116,516, dead; Vietnam War, 58,209, dead; Korean War, 36,516, dead; American Revolutionary War, 25,000, dead; War of 1812, 20, dead; Mexican-American War 13,283 dead; War on Terror (Iraq and Afghanistan) 6,280 dead and the Philippine-American War, 4,196, dead. This data may not include 2011 and 2012 casualties.

Perhaps the best thing any of us can do to pay our respects to those who have sacrificed is to VOTE. It is your right, use it while you still can.