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Walker plans gun-control meeting with group of experts

Governor Scott Walker says his office will meet in a week-or-so with mental health and law enforcement experts, to see what types of mental health services need to be improved.

In Hartford yesterday the Republican Walker was asked about President Obama's gun control measures that he announced earlier in the day. The governor said the Obama proposals don't get to the heart of the problem - and neither does the pro-gun view putting armed personnel in schools.

Walker said it's more important to determine how people get so mentally disturbed, that they're capable of making what he called "tragic choices" - and that includes not only school violence, but Tuesday's threat against people in the State Capitol in which a man claimed that he took Molotov cocktails into the building.

Walker says only a limited number of people get to the point of being able to make decisions like those. He said experts need to dig deeper, and provide mental health assistance for troubled individuals before they resort to violence.