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Libertarian Party organizer releases position video library

A small collection of videos have been posted to YouTube by a Hudson man who is working to organize the Liberatarian Party in the St. Croix Valley.

St. Croix Valley Libertarian Party organizer Robert Burke has released a "Libertarian Library" of eight videos, to help citizens in Pierce and St Croix county make informed decisions as whether to join the new party.

The library is hosted on sharing site YouTube, which also has information about the upcoming caucus.

"We don't sound like the red and blue teams and there is a reason for that; we are neither," says Robert Burke, producer and presenter in the videos.

"If Pierce and St Croix residents give just five minutes to see for themselves if what Libertarians offer is something new to the conversation, things will start to change. If you see change by the end of the video share it on your Facebook and email a friend. That's how grass root movements begin."

The eight video topics, each two- to four minutes long, include discussions on Medicare, Social Security, the U.S. spending deficit, Libertarian Principle 1.0, Introduction to a Peaceful Movement, The Federal Reserve and Gold Standard, and a pair of videos explaining "The Truth About Taxes".

Burke is a former 3rd Congressional District vice-chairman and a 20-year member of the Republican Party.

The Libertarian Party of Pierce-St. Croix will hold its first caucus and accepting new memberships on Saturday, Feb. 23rd at the UW-River Falls University Center, St. Croix Room. There are no parking meter fees on weekends.

For more information, visit Libertarian Party or