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Our View: Get out and vote on Tuesday

They only come around every four years, but the "granddaddy" of elections is Tuesday -- of course, we're talking about the presidential race between Republican Mitt Romney Democrat President Barack Obama.

Because of all the campaigning -- much of it negative -- there are many people who will be thrilled to see the campaign come to an end. On the other side of the coin, presidential election years are exciting -- most everyone gets into the action, and we hope that means everyone will get out and vote Tuesday.

We can't take our responsibility lightly. It is important that we exercise the right to vote. That right has made this country the greatest in the world. Presidential elections draw so much attention and traditionally attract large voter turnouts. From all indications, this year's voter turnout could be among the best in recent history.

In addition to voting for president, however, keep in mind that there are also several local and area candidates running for state offices. In many ways those races impact us more directly than who's elected president.

The races include:

--30th State Assembly District where Republican incumbent Dean Knudson is being challenged by Democrat Diane Odeen. The 30th District includes the Hudson area.

--29th State Assembly District where Republican incumbent John Murtha is being challenged by Democrat Jim Swanson. The 29th District includes much of St. Croix County, with the exception of the Hudson area.

--10th Senate District where Republican incumbent Sheila Harsdorf is facing a challenge from Democrat Daniel Olson.

--There is also a 7th District congressional race between incumbent Republican Sean Duffy and Democrat challenger Pat Kreitlow. The 7th District is new to Hudson. The city was in the 3rd District (Ron Kind) before redistricting after the 2010 census.

--A U.S. Senate race features two veteran politicians. Democrat Tammy Baldwin is running against Republican Tommy Thompson. The seat opened when Democrat Herb Kohl announced his retirement.

Local voters will also find several county candidates who are unopposed, but still need voter support.

We hope voters have been able to get good, accurate information about all the races and referendums. We also hope voters form opinions on factual information about all the races and referendums. Half-truths, innuendoes and sensational charges are popular, but not appropriate in making good decisions.

Despite the list of flaws in our system of electing representatives, it is still the best system in the world. It is a system in which the majority rules. Success in office is generally related to a politician's performance. We are fortunate that in America we have the power to determine who will lead us. Get out and vote on Tuesday!