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OUR VIEW: Now is the time to consider running

It is a difficult time of the year to think about civic duty, but that's exactly what must happen if someone is thinking about running for a position on a local board in the spring election.

Despite the hectic schedule that surrounds Christmas, now is the time to be exploring the procedure for seeking office in the city of Hudson, village of North Hudson, school board or the various town boards.

Some positions require the circulation of nomination papers; others need only a declaration of candidacy. The spring election is April 2 (Feb. 19 primary, if needed), but all necessary preliminary work, regardless of

the governmental unit (except towns with caucuses), must be completed by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 2 (Usually it is the first Tuesday in January, but because Jan. 1 is New Year's Day, the deadline will be Wednesday in 2013).

It is too early to tell in most municipalities if incumbents in each of the positions will run again. Some will, some won't. That, of course, should not discourage a citizen who is interested in seeking office. When voters are offered a choice, it brings more people to the polls and gives citizens options to consider.

We pay tribute to all the people currently serving in local government and to those considering the possibility of running for office. The pay is low, criticism is often high and the responsibilities are huge. Those willing to serve are true public servants.

Positions open in the city of Hudson include Alderpersons Randy Morrissette II (District 1), John Hoggatt (District 5) and Rich Vanselow (District 6). All positions are for two years.

Positions open in North Hudson include Village President George Klein. He has already made it known that he will not seek re-election. Other positions on the ballot include Trustees Dan Ortner, Marc Zappa, Colleen O'Brien-Berglund and Municipal Judge Ben Wopat. All positions are for two years, except municipal judge, four years.

Positions open on the Board of Education are those of Pat German and Mark Kaisersatt. Those are three-year positions.

Candidates on two of the three area town boards are selected at town caucuses in January. Those dates will be determined at board meetings in December.

Up for election in the town of Hudson are Chair Jeff Johnson and supervisors Timothy Foster and Kernon Bast. Positions are for two years - candidates will be determined at a January caucus.

Up for election in the town of St. Joseph are Chair Dan Gavin and supervisors Jim Traeger and Rick Colbeth. Positions are for two years - candidates will be determined at a January caucus.

Up for election in the town of Troy are Chair Ray Knapp, Supervisor 1 Sue Warren and Supervisor 3 Jan Cuccia. Troy uses the nomination paper


None of the 19 county board supervisors are up for election in April - they all run at the same time in even numbered years. On the ballot, however, will be the post of Circuit Court Judge, St. Croix County Branch 2, Edward Vlack.

Now is the time to put your plan into motion if you are considering becoming a public servant at the local level.