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The late Wally Gregerson honored at North Hudson meeting

The North Hudson Village Board honored the late Wally Gregerson by hanging a portrait of him in the Village Hall. Gregerson, who died Feb. 22, was a longtime village trustee and president from 1977 to 1991. At the event were, front from left, Mary Gregerson, Jill Gregerson, Deb Copeland, Bernie Gregerson (Wally Gregerson’s widow) and Village President Stan Wekkin; back, Jackie Hanson (holding Kennedy Hanson), Lars Hanson, Carl Gregerson, Greg Gregerson, Terri Gregerson and Rick Gregerson.

The North Hudson Village Board went through a brief agenda at its monthly meeting Tuesday, May 6. The highlight of the evening was the gathering of the family of the late Wally Gregerson, who died Feb. 22, for the hanging of a portrait of Gregerson in the Village Hall.

Wally Gregerson was active in village government for many years, and served as village president from 1977 to 1991 and a trustee for several years before that. He was also very active in the community. His passion was doing everything possible to make the North Hudson Pepper Festival a success each year.

Items addressed at the board meeting included:

--Passed a resolution allowing the clerk, deputy clerk or special registration deputy to conduct election day registrations. Previously, the village had to hire a special registration secretary to handle registrations.

--Passed the closure of several streets surrounding the North Hudson Elementary School so the school can conduct a fun run on May 28. The roads will be closed from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. The rain date would be June 4.

--Approved changing the title of supervisors during an emergency declaration. Under current FEMA regulations, the village is not allowed to be reimbursed for work done by “supervisors.”

The issue came up last summer after severe storms in June when the Department of Public Works Supervisor Mark Ekblad was involved in cleaning storm debris. FEMA denied the claim for Ekblad’s work because of his supervisor title, although he was conducting the same work as his employees. FEMA told North Hudson officials that many communities have language allowing them to reclassify supervisors, using a different title, during an emergency declaration.

--Passed a proclamation to observe Municipal Clerks Week, May 4-10. The North Hudson clerk is Melissa Luedke.

--Approved non-recurring claims for April totaling $53,834.25.

--Approved a three-year contract with Advance Disposal for the removal of waste and recyclables. Advanced Disposal has been serving the village for the past five years. Under the new contract, garbage rates increase about 20 cents from the current rates and then about 20 cents a month per year for each of the three years under the new contract; recycle rate increase $1 from the current rates and then less than 10 cents per month each year under the new contract; yard waste rates increase about 5 cents per month from the current rates and then about 5 cents a month per year for each of the three years under the new contract.

The current rate for a 96 gallon trash cart is $10.44 per month which goes to $10.64 in 2015; current recycle rates (64 gallon cart) is $3.38 per month which goes to $43.38 in 2015; current yard waste rates @2.30 per month which goes to $2.34 in 2015. The new contract does include a reduction in the tag fee for garbage (that does not fit in cart), down from $1.50 to $1.

--Approved a street sweeping contract with Mike McPhillips Inc for street sweeping services at a rate of $87 per hour (up from $86 the past six years). The total 2014 street sweeping budget is $7,000.

--Approved hiring Blake Amborn as a part-time seasonal employee in the Public Works Department.

Present at the meeting were trustees Paul Rode, Ted Head, Colleen O’Brien-Berglund, Rod Anderson and President Stan Wekkin. Absent were trustees Marc Zappa and Daryl Standafer.