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Wisconsin roundup: Hudson’s Knudson questions voting report; more state news stories

A survey indicating the state's voter ID law kept 17,000 people from voting is being questioned by Hudson's Dean Knudson, a member of the Wisconsin Elections Commission. File photo

MADISON — A survey indicating the state's voter ID law kept 17,000 people from voting is being questioned by a member of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Hudson resident Dean Knudson is a Republican commissioner and a former state lawmaker. He wants to see all the data which went into a report presented to the commission Tuesday by UW-Madison political science professor Ken Mayer. Knudson says he thinks the survey was flawed. Mayer says he's willing to show the results which were collected, but he can't release anything which identifies those who took part. His work only examined how the law affected voting in heavily Democratic Dane and Milwaukee counties.


Two suspects in beating, robbery of bike rider still face charges

EAU CLAIRE — One person has already been sentenced and a second has pleaded guilty in the attack last August on a teenager who was riding his bicycle home in Eau Claire.

The victim says he was punched and kicked by four people who stole his backpack, phone and a wallet. The name of the boy who needed 14 stitches hasn't been released. Austin Waldera entered a guilty plea to a charge of substantial battery. He will be on probation for two years and has to pay restitution. Meghan McNamara was sentenced to probation and restitution in October and cases against Clayton Hopkins and Dylan Johnson are still pending.


La Crosse police: Burglary suspect called 911 for help getting back in

LA CROSSE — A suspected burglar is accused of calling 911 last weekend and asking La Crosse police to help him get back inside a closed business.

Randy Bolstad had left his probation papers behind during an apparent break-in. A caller from that business reported a laptop computer was missing Monday. A police search turned up the probation paperwork for Bolstad. He was found walking barefoot through the Viterbo University campus later the same day. Bolstad had just been charged for another burglary last month. While on probation for that crime, he has been charged again and is being held in the La Crosse County Jail.


Bail set for man accused of trying to hire hitman

MADISON — Bail has been set at $35,000 for a Marshall man accused of trying to pay a hitman to kill his ex-girlfriend.

Christopher A. Beierle made his initial court appearance in Dane County Tuesday. Police say Beierle offered a man $10,000 and the keys to a car to kill the woman. She was granted a temporary restraining order against him in October because he had threatened her. A man who calls himself "Junkyard" told investigators Beierle gave him a car key and a Post-It note with an address on it, telling him to "finish her off." Beierle disputes police version of what happened.


Two dead in western Wis. mobile home fire

BUFFALO CITY — Authorities in western Wisconsin report two people have died in a mobile home fire.

A Buffalo County deputy who arrived on the scene shortly after 5 a.m. Tuesday says the back half of the mobile home was engulfed in flames as he drove up. When a small explosion was heard, first responders started waking people up and evacuating nearby homes in Buffalo City. After the flames were knocked down, firefighters were told two family members were missing. Their bodies were found in the rubble. The victims' names haven't been released.


Wis. congresswoman: Fake reports spewed racial slurs

WASHINGTON — A Democrat congresswoman from Milwaukee blames supporters of a U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama for an unsettling phone call Tuesday.

She says two people posing as Associated Press reporters called her Washington office, then started screaming racial slurs. Congresswoman Gwen Moore had appeared on CNN earlier in the day to discuss the candidacy of Roy Moore. Although he has not conceded the Alabama race, voting figures suggest he lost Tuesday’s election to Democrat Doug Jones. The congresswoman didn't say how she knew the callers supported the Republican senate candidate.


Monroe County woman acquitted of stabbing charges

SPARTA — A Monroe County jury has found a 26-year-old woman not guilty on all charges originating in a fight last year in Sparta.

Julie Leatherberry had been accused of attacking the woman who was visiting her child at Leatherberry’s home. When Leatherberry returned home, the two started arguing and the woman said Leatherberry grabbed a folding knife and stabbed her in the leg. The incident happened in March 2016.

Leatherberry’s attorney says his client was acting in self-defense. The jury acquitted her on charges of substantial battery, recklessly endangering safety, injury by negligent use of a weapon and disorderly conduct.


Man struck by train succumbs to injuries

NEENAH — The Neenah Police Department says a Menasha man who was hit by a train Sunday in Neenah has died.

Police say 28-year-old Timothy C. Miller was a passenger in a car that was waiting for a stopped train Sunday at the Lake Street crossing. Investigators say Miller wanted to get to the other side of the crossing, so he got out of the car and climbed through the stopped train, and stepped into the path of another train on a second set of tracks. Police say the accident happened at around 7:15 p.m. Sunday.