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Assembly to vote on overriding veto of DNR secretary bill

The State Assembly will vote next week on whether to override Gov. Jim Doyle's veto of the DNR secretary bill.

Last fall, both houses of the Legislature passed a bill that would take the power to hire and fire the DNR secretary away from the governor and give it back to the DNR board.

Doyle vetoed the measure, but now the Assembly has scheduled an override vote for next week.

Madison Democratic State Rep. Spencer Black is a key supporter of the DNR Secretary bill, but says he'll need Republican help to get a two-thirds margin in the Assembly.

He says he expects hunting groups to lobby hard for the override.

The State Senate also would have to override Doyle's veto for the bill to become law.

In a statement released Monday, the governor's office said that Doyle has streamlined regulations while maintaining environmental standards.

Doyle's office says to go back "to the old bureaucracy" would harm Wisconsin's ability to create jobs.

Fifteen years ago, Gov. Tommy Thompson took over control of appointing the DNR secretary. Doyle opposed the move at the time.