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Authorities say woman died while text-messaging

Authorities say a woman who slammed her car into a semi-truck north of Madison died while text-messaging.

Fifty-one year old Kathy Endsley of Baraboo collided with a semi that was turning onto Highway 51 on Tuesday night, March 9.

The crash remains under investigation.

Dane County sheriff's deputies told WISC-TV they decided to check Endlsey's cell phone records based on evidence found at the crash scene - and they learned she was text-messaging.

The state Legislature is addressing the subject in the current session.

Both houses have passed different bills that would ban texting while behind the wheel.

The Senate's measure bans texting in a vehicle even when it's not moving - and it would only apply to those 18 and under.

The Assembly measure bans texting by all drivers, and has tougher penalties.

With just over a month left in the current session, it's not clear if the two houses will pass a bill they can agree on.