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Wisconsin won't sue feds over health care bill

Wisconsin's majority Democrats quickly shot down Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen's request to sue Washington over the recently adopted health care reforms.

Van Hollen, a Republican, needed permission from either the governor or one house of the Legislature to file suit.

Gov. Jim Doyle called it a "frivolous and political attempt to thwart the actions of Congress."

Doyle said Wisconsin would not "enter into litigation intended to deny health care for tens of thousands of residents."

Democratic leaders of both houses said they would not bring Van Hollen's request up for a vote.

Assembly GOP Minority Leader Jeff Fitzgerald of Horicon said he'll try to force a vote the next time the house meets - most likely in mid-April.

Van Hollen said yesterday that the states have the power to make people buy insurance, and the federal government is seizing that power.

Former State Supreme Court Justice William Bablitch said Washington has been putting burdens on states for years. He's not sure the claims from Van Hollen and officials in over a dozen other states would hold water. Van Hollen told WTMJ's Charlie Sykes that the law violates the Interstate Commerce Clause by forcing most Americans to buy health insurance or pay fines.