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Karen Meyer elected to fill vacant county board position

County Supervisor Karen Meyer

The St. Croix County Board, reduced in numbers for various reasons, elected a supervisor Tuesday to fill the vacant District 7 position.

Karen Meyer was selected on the third ballot of 13 board members. Six members of the group were absent so a majority of seven votes was needed to name a new supervisor.

Six candidates made a bid for the position following the death of supervisor Eugene Ruetz in January.

The six include former board members Stan Krueger and Shane Demulling of Somerset, Willard Moeri, Roberts village president, former board member Margaret Wolske, Meyer of Roberts and Dianne K. Joachim of New Richmond.

Joachim of New Richmond pulled out of the race Tuesday morning because further review determined she doesn't live in District 7.

Candidates Krueger and Demulling did not show up for the session. Krueger garnered six votes on the first and second ballot and Meyer collected four votes in the first round and five in the second before gaining the majority vote on the final round.

She was sworn in immediately and took her place at the board boosting the body to 14 members in attendance.

District 7 is made up of portion of the towns of Richmond, Somerset, Warren and the village of Roberts.

Ruetz served on the administration and community development committees as an elected official. He also was a member of the River Country resource and development committee, Squaw Lake rehabilitation district, county fair board and ad hoc building facilities committee.

Supervisors must serve on one standing committee but cannot serve on more than two standing committees according to the organization's bylaws, said Board Chair Daryl Standafer.

Meyer and William Peavey were nominated for the community development committee that Ruetz served. Peavey won the position with eight votes.

James Stauffer, Roger Rebholz and Steve Hermsen were nominated to fill the position on the administration committee that Ruetz held. Rebholz won the position by a 9-5 vote on the second ballot.

Rebholz immediately resigned from the public protection committee, which would have been his third committee. Meyer was the only candidate nominated to the public protection committee and won by unanimous vote.

Meyer, 60, is a customer service representative at Citizens State Bank in Hudson. She has been a resident of the town of Warren since 1991 and worked for the St. Croix Central School District in Roberts for 17 years.

Her husband, Rich, is a retired St. Croix County sheriff's deputy who currently works for the U.S. Postal Service.