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St. Joe discusses town lawyer billing

A motion was discussed at the St. Joseph Town Board meeting March 3 that would restrict the usage of the town attorney to only the town chairperson. No immediate changes were made and the board will address the issue again at its April board meeting.

The motion came in lieu of a two-page policy update that had recently been drafted for the same issue. Under the plan presented in the motion, the town chairperson is restricted to only one hour per month for billable contact for non-reimbursable charges with the town attorney. The hour restriction can be waived or extended by the Town Board through a majority vote.

Other town officials would not have the ability to use the attorney for routine matters, and would instead use the Wisconsin Towns Association. However, a town official may request permission from the board for usage of the attorney should the need arise for a specific matter, and would need to be passed by the board by a majority vote. In addition, all billing charges would be fully disclosed to the Town Board in a detailed report at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

Trash service proposals

After releasing a request for proposals, the town received only a single bid for trash hauling, from Waste Management. However, it was discovered that another proposal from a competing company was missed in the mail, and that company would like to re-submit their proposal. In response, the Town Board voted to send out another request for proposals with a due date of April 2 in order to discuss all the bids during the regularly scheduled Town Board meeting in April.