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Troy board approves expanded cemetery

Representatives from the German Settlement Cemetery came to the town board meeting Thursday, July 14 to seek a "plat" approved for the planned expansion of the cemetery maintained by the group. The board approved the plan.

Currently, the town has no policy on the books when it comes to planning for cemeteries, so the state statute is used, and the recommendation from the state is that the area of expansion be platted.

The one-acre cemetery, located along CTH-U, has been a part of the town for over 150 years, with the first parcel of land being donated to the cemetery in 1860. The group is looking to double its size, if the one-acre expansion plat and map is approved.

There have been a few concerns over the expansion, which has been in limbo since 2008, from nearby property owners, such as the possibility of reduced property values. But the cemetery board has taken steps to make the premises as inconspicuous as possible, including planting trees between the cemetery and the highway to block the view.

After a short discussion, the board approved the plat for expansion.

Park report

Town of Troy Park Board Chair Jill Berke provided the Town Board with the park board report. In Glover Park, routine maintenance has been completed to the trail system, which included the installation of crushed rock on sections of Eagle Trail to help correct erosion issues. The budget for the project was $3,555, but the Park Board requested an extra $627 be moved to the budget from other categories.

The extra funds will cover the additional cost of widening and clearing invasive sumac growth along the eastern boarder of Eagle Trail, and for the placement of crushed limestone on that trail section which should greatly improve usage. Park Board Member Jim Freund is also coordinating the design and construction of a permanent "recognition plaque" to recognize all of the recent Eagle Scout projects that have that have been completed within the park. The Plaque, which will be located near the pavilion, will also recognize future Eagle projects within the park, as more requests are continually coming in to the Park Board.

Meanwhile, the Cove Boat Ramp has seen increased usage, and despite the continued high water level, the dock and gangway have been moved back to their permanent location. The high water level is also limiting the activity at the beach at Pemble's Access.