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Troy Burne road maintenance is a concern for town board

The Troy Town Board discussed concerns about road maintenance Thursday, Aug. 11, with road crewman Gary Parent, and chair of the Troy Burne Homeowners Association, Michael Colloton. Among the items discussed were the excess amounts of sand and gravel left behind after the winter plowing season and road construction and repairs, tar seepage, and snow plowing.

According to Parent, the town road crews sweep up the sand left behind twice a year, however the current truck used to sweep up the excess sand can only reach within eight inches of the curbing, so it cannot physically sweep up all the sand left over, as the truck is not outfitted for the suburban style roadways of the Troy Burne development. While the truck could be retrofitted, the cost could be upwards of $20,000 or more.

Snow plowing was also a concern, as snow piles last winter became excessively large, and several Troy Burne homeowners complained about broken mailboxes.

"While it was a heavy year last year, this has been a problem from the beginning," said Colloton, suggesting that alternatives be looked at because, "the current equipment the town is using is used to plow 40-feet into a ditch, and not to work on suburban roads." Colloton also provided three images of curbing that had been damaged due to plowing.

"If curbing is taken out, we need to fix that, that is not the homeowner's responsibility," said Town Chair Ray Knapp. One suggestion to help combat this problem is to have either homeowners, or the town go out and place temporary wooden stakes at the edge of curbing in Troy Burne, to help the plow drivers maneuver through the streets, and provide a reference point so that they do not plow over and potentially damage the curbs, which become impossible to see after even a few snowfalls.  

In regard to the mailboxes, Supervisor Sue Warren asked if it was possible to get some sort of deal to reduce the cost of the boxes, which cost over $300 to replace. Unfortunately, Colloton explained, that the price is standard, and that residents in Troy Burne are required to have these specific mailboxes.

Over the next month, the town of Troy will fix the three curbs that were damaged during plowing, and have asked both road crewman Parent, and Troy Burne's Colloton to work together and provide the town board with a "reasonable action plan" for snow and sand removal during the regularly scheduled town board meeting on Thursday, Sept. 8.  

Park Board

Park Board Chair Jill Berke provided the town board with an update Thursday night of items discussed during the previous Park Board meeting. Among the items discussed was damage to the gangway treadplates at the Cove boat ramp.

According to a report by Park Ranger Becker, the damage occurred sometime during the evening of Friday, Aug. 5, or early morning Saturday, Aug. 6. It is unclear what caused the damage. Park Board Vice Chair Charlie Macdonell is coordinating repairs to the gangway with Windmill Marina, which includes an evaluation of previous welding repair work performed by the marina. Due to the high water mark, the dock and gangway will remain in its temporary location.

Along with discussion on the gangway, the board reappointed Park Board member Jim Freund, and Park Board Vice Chairman Charlie Macdonell to their respective positions within the Park Board for three-year terms.