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Town of Hudson has new website, new meeting rules

The town of Hudson has a new website and new policies for town board and town committee meetings.

The new website can be found at The site has information regarding most town issues, including calendar, committees, documents, polices, election information, financial information, forms and permit applications, notices, ordinances, road conditions, town board and committee agendas and minutes and town contact information.

The town has had a web page in the past, but the new site has a different web address.

Meeting policies

The town has also drafted a set of policies for town board and committee meetings. Several meetings recently have become something less than civil, and the new policy is directed at both those attending the meeting and board/committee members.

The document has eight bullet points, but is summed up in the final paragraph which reads:

In summary, show respect and courtesy to members of the public, to town elected and appointed officials and to town employees at all times and at all meetings of the town board and town committees.

The document does provide a clause allowing officials to ask disruptive individuals to leave the meeting.