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North Hudson cool on proposed business

A business interested in relocating to North Hudson's industrial area has met a cool reception from the village's Plan Commission and a non-committal message from the village board at its monthly meeting Tuesday, Dec. 6.

Bright Solutions LLC makes windshield washer fluid. The commission is concerned about the "warehousing" of methanol, a flammable ingredient.

The board spent nearly an hour discussing the business plan, but ultimately tabled the decision. As a result, the board won't see it again until the January meeting.

In the meantime, the Plan Commission will wrestle with the definitions of "process, storage and warehousing." Current village codes would allow for storage of chemiclas like methanol if it is part of a "process," but not for "storage," or as the codes says, "warehousing."

Business owner Chris Willeke and building owner Collin Thorpe were at the board meeting and encouraged the board to go against the Plan Commission recommendation.

Both maintained that the methanol was part of the "process" of making windshield washer fluid. The process essentially involves three tanks, one with methanol, one with water and a tank in which the two ingredients are mixed. Methanol is necessary in the washer fluid because it keeps it from freezing.

Willeke, who lives near the North Hudson industrial area, said his business is also highly regulated by the state and that the process of making the fluid is safe.

Building owner Thorpe said he is eager to have Bright Solutions in the old car shop facilities.

"I have invested $100,000 in the buildings and not many people are knocking on my door in this economy," Thorp said.

The board voted to table the decision on a 6-1 vote. Voting against the tabling was Trustee Daryl Standafer who said the business owner deserved to know "what direction we are going."

Election inspectors

The board approved election inspectors to serve from Jan. 1, 2012 to Dec. 31, 2013. Approved were:

  • Democrat inspectors Karen Crawley, Peggy Rogers, John Borup, Mary Ann Hanley, Deb Monicken, Jean Schneider, Margaret Wopat, Karen Novotny, Howard Novotny, Bonnie Brunner and alternates Mary Kay Hunt, Colleen O'Connell and Cathy Leaf.
  • Republican inspectors Kathy Long, Betty Goodwin, Cecelia Phillips, Robert White, Nancy Walz, Sandra Whalen, Carol Worrell, George Boldizsar, Meredith Berg, Jolayne Mehr, Margaret Webb, Joyce Law, Cheryl Anderson and alternate Charlotte Lee.

    Other business

  • Approved a mobile home trailer park permit for Pamela Zappa. The park, with six trailers, is located at 601 Sommers St. No.
  • Approved the continued licensing of cats in 2012. Fees are $5 for a spayed or neutered cat and $8 for an intact cat.
  • Approved non-recurring claims for November of $29,745.17.
  • Approved employee comp time and vacation days carried over to 2012.
  • Approved contracts for 2012: with the city of Hudson for fire protection and ambulance service; with building inspector Brian Wert; and with the Animal Humane Society of Woodbury for the impounding, sheltering and potential euthanizing of stray cats and dogs. The board also discussed switching services to a "no kill" shelter, Mally's Sunshine Kennels in New Richmond. At this time, however, the cost was higher and there were several potential problems with the contract. The village will continue to monitor Mally's for potential future use.
  • Approved health and dental plans for eligible village employees. The cost of health insurance decreased 1.5 percent; the cost of dental insurance increased 3.6 percent. Employees, however, will increase their contribution toward premiums from 10 percent to 15 percent their deductible responsibility will increase by the same percentages.
  • Approved the purchase of updated playground equipment for Ferry Landing Park. The items selected at not to exceed a cost of $6,311.

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