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Troy discusses road crew comp time

"Our road crew continues to do a good job, and I believe they are an asset to the town," said Supervisor Brian Schwab as the board began a discussion about the renewal of the road crew's contract. While this sentiment was shared by the board, an issue arose surrounding comp time.

Currently, during the busy winter months, the road crew can sometimes be asked to work longer than an eight-hour day. The town does not pay overtime, so all the extra hours put in by the road crew accrue and can be used as paid comp time. The problem however is the sheer amount of time that has been "put aside" for possible time off, ranging from 200-500 hours, worrying the board should one of their crew members decide to take an entire summer off.

The current practice is for the road crew to keep track of their own hours, and the town board has no reason to believe there has been any cheating on this front, as last winter was a relatively difficult season with several heavy snowfalls. This year the board will ask that the road crew simply turn in their hourly reports once a month right to the board, where they will be reviewed for ways the town can help to cut back on the extra hours worked, and the extra comp time, if possible.

Teens for Christ

Paul Martin, a representative for Teens for Christ, came to the town of Troy meeting Thursday, Dec. 8, to seek the board' permission for a large scale display on the organization's property. The display is a full size re-creation of the Biblical Tabernacle, and will be the same display that Teens for Christ put on during the fall of 2009.

The plans were to bring the display back sometime over the summer months, but Teens for Christ needed to go through the process of getting the correct permissions from the town board and St. Croix County. The town board plans to put the issue on a fast track since it is the exact same display, and in the same location. The item will be on the Plan Commission agenda in January, with a town board vote coming at the following meeting.