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Town of St. Joseph caucus results are in

The Town of St. Joseph held pre-election caucuses Thursday night, Jan. 12, to determine who will be listed on the ballot April 3. During the upcoming election, both first and third supervisor positions will be up for election, but in order to be listed on the ballot, candidates must first go through the caucus process.

Caucuses are held at the town hall, and members of the community can nominate one another for the position up for election. Any number of people can be nominated, but if there are more than two for any particular position, an immediate in-house run-off is held to narrow down the field to the final two which will appear on the ballot.

For the nominations, incumbent Brian Gullickson was re-nominated for the position of third supervisor, as well as citizen Dan Thompson, owner of Guv's. The first supervisor position had three nominees: incumbent Kevin Adkins, Stephen M. Johnson and Tom Spaniol. A run-off was held for first supervisor due to the number of nominees, and the two that will appear on the ballot will be Kevin Adkins and Tom Spaniol, who came in only a single vote ahead of Stephen M. Johnson.