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Klein seeks volunteers for centennial celebration

Village of North Hudson President George Klein was recognized by the village with a pin marking his 10 years of service to the village. The pin was presented by Village Clerk Becky Milbrandt, left, and Administrator Gloria Troester, right. Troester said to Klein, "In recognition of your public service to the village of North Hudson, the League of Wisconsin Municipalities on behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire League membership, would like to thank you for your service. Dedicated local officia...

Village of North Hudson President George Klein made an appeal to citizens for help in the upcoming village centennial celebration in June. His pleas came at the monthly Village Board meeting Tuesday, Feb. 7.

A centennial celebration has been scheduled for Sunday, June 10.

"We're looking for something simple," Klein said. "Maybe an ice cream social with root beer, ice cream and pie. Maybe a brass band would be nice. We want this to be a family thing -- this is not a Pepper Festival. There will be no alcoholic beverages served."

What he is hoping for, however, is some leadership from members of the community.

"I'll be happy to serve on a committee, but I want community members to take on some leadership roles," Klein said.

The village has set aside $2,000 for the event. The Pepper Fest Organization has also committed funds to the event. Citizen Mary Wekkin has been compiling a recipe book with recipes and historical photos. The book is currently being printed and will be available soon.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime event," Klein said. "I don't think any of us will be around for the next one (bicentennial)."

Noise ordinance

The board passed a revised noise ordinance at Tuesday's meeting. The existing ordinance had been challenged in a municipal court case and Municipal Judge Ben Wopat advised the village that the wording was unconstitutional.

The board passed new wording that was based on the noise ordinance in Madison. The Madison ordinance has been tested numerous times and has been deemed constitutional in court actions.


The board approved a change in the nomination of election worker Peggy Rogers. She had been approved as an election inspector representing the Democratic Party last fall when a number of inspectors representing both parties were approved. She requested that her labeling be changed to the Republican Party. Representatives of both parties agreed to the change, as did the village board. The term runs from Jan. 1, 2012, to Dec. 31, 2013.

New business

The board approved a Secondhand Article and Secondhand Jewelry Dealers License for North Hudson resident Lisa Conway who plans to operate Midwest Gold Gal, a home-party business that buys gold, silver and other precious metals.


Approved non-recurring expenses of $56,526.85 for January; also approved non-recurring expenses of $16,029.76 for December 2011, but received in January 2012.


Approved the installation of "No Trailer Parking This Block" signs on the 600 and 700 blocks of Galahad Road North, 200 block of Sommers Street North and the cul-de-sac of Galahad Place North. The streets are in the neighborhood of Ferry landing Park.

Municipal Judge Wopat said the previous signs in the area had wording that was considered "to vague." The previous signs read: No Parking - Vehicle or Combination Over 20 Feet (No Trailers) per ord. 90-9(c).


Park Board Committee Chair Colleen O'Brien-Berglund said the committee is discussing the possibility of installing horseshoe pit, bocce ball and/or bean bag boxes in a village park in the near future.


Present at the meeting were trustees Jim Thomas, Marc Zappa, Colleen O'Brien-Berglund, Dan Ortner and President George Klein; absent were Daryl Standafer and Stan Wekkin.