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Town of St. Joseph to look at permit fees

Town of St. Joseph Building Inspector Todd Dolan came before the town board Thursday (Feb. 9) to discuss possibly changing the cost of permits and fees for certain structures in the town, as sometimes the cost can seem disproportionally large for smaller structures.

One thought that caught traction during the meeting was for a flat-fee of roughly $200 for decks, sheds, and pole barns over 144 square feet. While nothing was changed during the meeting, the board has sent the item to the Plan Commission, and has asked the members to go over all building construction fees, and will re-open the issue again during the March town board meeting.

Ice rink

Park Board Chair Joan Gerhan provided the town board with a presentation of a possible site for a town ice rink. The privately owned business, Valley House, is looking to put up the rink on its property, with a little help from the town if possible.

While it is too late for a rink this winter, the current plan would be to have a rink ready by Nov. 1, 2012, depending on weather which would be open weekends during the daytime hours. However, since Valley House is a private establishment, the ice rink cannot be an "official town rink." The town, however, may not be opposed to offering a little help if needed. No action was taken on the issue and it will be revisited sometime in the future after searching for volunteers for the project.

New deputy clerk

The board introduced a new deputy clerk/treasurer Thursday night, to help with the duties performed by current Clerk/Treasurer Marie Colbeth. Deputy Clerk Judy Schottler will begin her duties immediately. She promised that she will, "Do the best I can to help out."

After a brief introduction, Town Chair Dan Gavin added, "Welcome aboard, and good luck."