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Town of St. Joseph extends fire protection service

The town of St. Joseph Fire Department has now become part of a much farther-reaching network of emergency responders under MABAS, the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Agreement. The announcement came at the May 10 town board meeting.

The MABAS network is meant to increase cooperation, and increase reach of multiple different first responders in separate areas in the case of a major emergency or disaster. A recent test of the MABAS network was performed in the hopes of receiving 90 fire trucks on the scene within 90 minutes of the first alert. The results of the test were much higher than anticipated, with a total of 270 trucks responding within the 90-minute allotted time, with a total of 924 emergency personnel, and was considered a major success.

The town board has extended its thanks to the fire department for "all of their efforts they have done on our behalf."

Card party on Saturday

Saturday, May 19, the town hall will be hosting a senior citizen 500 card party from 1 p.m. until folks decide to leave. The American card game was devised shortly before 1900, is a "trick-taking" game, similar to bridge, and is an extension of the game euchre. The board invites all 500 enthusiasts, and those who simply wish to socialize to come and join in the fun.

Triathlon schedule

There are two upcoming triathlons that will take route through the town of St. Joseph this summer and fall. On June 23, a triathlon sponsored by Tri Fitness will start at the Willow River State Park, and on Sept. 1, a triathlon sponsored by Final Stretch Inc., will be starting at the bathhouse.