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Trio charged in long-term Social Security fraud

No homicide charges have been filed, but a central Wisconsin couple will stand trial on charges they cashed Social Security checks intended for Marie Jost, who hasn't been seen in 30 years and is assumed to be dead.

Ronald,71, and Delores Disher, 69, of Amherst Junction face charges of theft, mail fraud, forgery and using an account without the person's knowledge. Prosecutors say they cashed $175,000 worth of Social Security checks bearing the name of Delores Disher's mother. Ronald is also charged with reckless endangerment, battery by a prisoner, and disorderly conduct for allegedly attacking a sheriff's deputy who searched his home near Almond earlier this month.

Prosecutors also say Ronald Disher told two inmates his wife killed Jost and they buried her together. Disher's attorney challenged the credibility of the statements and suggested Jost gave the money to the Dishers. Several bone fragments found at the Jost home have been sent to the state crime lab for testing.

Prosecutors say there's no evidence Marie Jost is still alive, but authorities say the Dishers and Marie's son Charles Jost kept cashing Marie's government checks.

The three were arrested on September fifth. Charles Jost, 66, was ordered this week to undergo a mental exam to see if he's mentally competent to stand trial and help with his defense.