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Morrissette appointed to Judicial Conduct Advisory Committee

Randy Morrissette II

City of Hudson District 1 Alderman Randy Morrissette II was recently appointed as a citizen member to the State of Wisconsin Judicial Conduct Advisory Committee.

Appointed by the State Supreme Court, the committee was created to render formal advisory opinions and give informal advice to judges and judicial officers governed by the Code of Judicial Conduct.

Morrissette, 41, is one of nine committee members and the only citizen member.

"I received a call a couple of weeks ago from Shirley Abrahamson (Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court)," Morrissette said. He said he has always had an interest in law and is "honored" to get the appointment.

Morrissette said his name was entered into the system when he filled out paperwork nearly five years ago. The state Supreme Court met in Hudson for three days in late October and early November 2007.

"I went to watch the proceedings and filled out the forms; then I sort of forgot about it," Morrissette said. Almost five years later he received the call from Abrahamson and the process was finalized on Sunday, Oct. 14.

"I was very surprised, but pleased with the appointment," Morrissette said. "I've served on the city council for eight years and served on many city committees and boards, but this gives me an opportunity to work at the state level. I look forward to learning more about the state judicial system."

Morrissette was appointed to two three-year terms. The Advisory Committee's nine members include six judiciary members, one court commissioner, one attorney and one citizen member. In addition to Morrissette, other committee members are: Hon. J. Mac Davis (Waukesha County Circuit Court); Hon. Bruce C. Goodnough (Twin Lakes Municipal Court); Hon. Michael T. Judge (Oconto County Circuit Court); Hon. Moria Krueger (Reserve Judge Madison); Hon. Wayne J. Marik (Racine County Circuit Court Commissioner); Sandra J. Marcus (Marathon County Circuit Court); Hon. Lisa S. Neubauer (Court of Appeals - District 2, Southeast Wisconsin) and Attorney Roger Pettit (Petrie & Stocking, S.C. Milwaukee).

In recent years, the committee has offered opinions on issues such as:

  • May a judge appoint his or her father as a supplemental court commissioner in the same county in which the judge presides?
  • May a judge accept an appointment to a military service academy panel?
  • Does the Wisconsin Code of Judicial Conduct prohibit a Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge from carrying a concealed weapon in the courthouse and courtroom?
  • May a judge serve as a "greeter" at an election polling place?
  • Does the State of Wisconsin Code of Judicial Conduct require a sitting judge to be subpoenaed to appear as a fact witness?

    For a look at other opinions go to

    Morrissette is a psychology major, and minored in juvenile criminal justice at UW-Stout.

    He and his wife Kirsten live in Hudson and have two children, Jacob, 14, and Mitchell, 10.

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