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Troy sets $50 mail box reimbursement

The town of Troy Board discussed the practice of reimbursing homeowners for damage to their mailboxes caused by snowplows at its May 12 meeting.

After a short discussion, the town has decided to offer residents $50 to replace a damaged mailbox, or $50 worth of "kind services," to help repair the damage, if the mailbox is damaged by a town road vehicle. The town will still not reimburse for snow or thrown snow damage.

Currently, if a homeowner claims that a mailbox is damaged by the road crew, the town sends out the road crew to inspect the mailbox with the homeowner and determine what, if any, damage was caused by the road crew.

If it is determined that the damage was done by a snowplow, the town would either reimburse an amount of money, or help repair the mailbox. If the damage, however, is determined to be caused by snow that is thrown from the plow, it is considered an "act of God," and the town claims no liability for it.

"This is an informal process that predates myself," said Town Chair Ray Knapp, who also said he was uncomfortable with the practice and is looking for a clear, written policy.

Park Board report

Park Board Chair Jill Berke provided a monthly report to the board of summertime activities at the Cove boat ramp, Glover Park, and Pemble's Access.

At the Cove boat ramp, the dock and gangway have been delivered and have been temporarily installed just north of the permanent location due to high water, and will be moved back to the original location when the water level recedes. Berke also reports an increase in activity at the ramp, and has asked the maintenance crew to re-stripe the parking lot, and number the parking stalls to assist the park rangers in identifying potential violators.

At Pemble's Access, the park rangers have advised that the beach remain closed until the high water recedes to normal levels. Currently, the plan is to have Pemble's Access cleaned and open to the public on Memorial Day weekend, and be open daily thereafter.

The park board has also approved $960 for three full uniforms for the park rangers, and a partial uniform for back-up ranger, former Constable Mel Hermansen.