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Town of Hudson discusses Girl Scout property

A very brief discussion was held at the town of Hudson Board Meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 4 regarding the proposed uses and/or sale of the Rolling Ridges Girl Scout property. While nothing was finalized during the meeting, the town has chosen to take a "proactive, not reactive" stance on selling the property, and board members are scheduled to tour the property later in the month.

Electric vehicle use

The board voted on a new ordinance to allow the use of electric vehicles within Willow River State Park. With the new ordinance, employees of the park and maintenance personnel will be allowed to drive electric vehicles on the property. Those vehicles were previously prohibited at the state park because there was no ordinance on file that pertained to the use of such vehicles.

New business

Doug Luchsinger was granted permission by the town board Tuesday night to move his automotive repair business "35 Auto Care" to the town of Hudson. The business will move to a vacant building at 643 Brakke Drive and will open at the new location Nov. 1.