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North Hudson board takes action to repair house

The North Hudson village board has taken action to force the repair and cleanup of a North Hudson residence located at 712 Pine St. No. The home, owned by Randy Krongard, has been an issue in the village for more than a decade.

At its monthly meeting Tuesday, Nov. 1, the board recommended setting aside $2,000 for potential legal fees if there was resistance to village action regarding the house.

The village sent a letter to Krongard, signed by Building Inspector Brian Wert, on Oct. 26.

In part, the letter reads:

"Based on prior information and on visual inspection from the street, the Village has become aware that your house at 712 Pine St. No. in North Hudson has continued to deteriorate and may be dilapidated to the point that the house is a danger and unsafe for human habitation and a potential fire hazard.

"In particular, the Village has been made aware that you do not have electricity, your roof is in serious disrepair, apparently from rotting, and it appears that wild animals are entering the house and are probably nesting in there. We are also aware that the City of Hudson has been notifying you for over 10 years of the need to upgrade your water meter which leads to the question of whether or not there is running water in your home."

In the letter, Wert scheduled an inspection of the property. If the homeowner did not cooperate in arranging an inspection, Wert wrote that he would turn the matter over to the village attorney to seek a warrant to do the inspection.

Conceal signs

The board debated whether or not to post signs banning guns at the Village Hall based on the new Wisconsin Act 35 regarding "carry and conceal." The board, however, could not come to an immediate agreement and referred the issue back to the Public Safety Committee.

"Posting signs is counter-productive," said Trustee Daryl Standafer. "It creates a false sense of security. The criminals will know that the law-abiding citizens have left their guns locked in the car. The signs would achieve the wrong effect."

Trustee Stan Wekkin said the village could possibly incur some unwanted liability by posting signs.

"We don't need a sign to be in compliance with Act 35," Wekkin said. "That's up to each local government."

Village administrator/treasurer/deputy clerk Gloria Troester supported the use of signs, arguing that it would be safer for employees. Troester is a staff member who works in the building daily.

"If the signs don't happen, I would advocate locking the doors to village offices," Troester said. The building already has bullet-proof glass separating the public from the receptionist.

"It looks like the larger issue is the security of staff," said Trustee Marc Zappa. "I suggest we move the issue back to the Public Safety Committee."

The board agreed.


The board discussed the proposed 2012 budget that will adopted at a meeting Tuesday, Nov. 29. The budget meeting at that time will follow a public hearing scheduled at 5 p.m. on Nov. 29. The new budget shows a decrease in spending and revenues (down 0.90 percent), but an increase in the tax levy (up 1.60 percent. The proposed 2012 budget has revenues and expenditures totaling $1,798,983; that compares to $1,815,683 in 2011. The increase in the levy is caused mostly by decreases in intergovernmental revenues (state aid).

The budget summary is scheduled to be published in the legal section of the Star-Observer. A detailed budget is available at the Village Hall.

Other issues

  • Approved amending the municipal code regarding the establishment of parks, or cash in lieu of parks, from developers. In recent years, laws have changed regarding whether a developer has to establish park land, or may pay a fee in lieu of park land - that's how it stands now.
  • Approved payment of non-recurring claims for October totaling $42,955.79.
  • Approved a second driveway opening at a residence at 719 Monroe St. No. owned by Andy Cramer. The change will allow for a horseshoe-shaped driveway. The narrow lot does not allow enough clearance between the current garage entrance and the street.

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